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Middle & High School

Our Programing

Our flagship programming, such as Grounding Waters and Constructing Careers, create cohorts for Black-identified students to connect with culturally matched mentors while participating in a wide range of hands-on learning and exploration activities that increase their environmental & conservation knowledge base, encourage good stewardship, develop tools and building skills, and help to develop a positive relationship with nature and their community.

Cohort participants exercise best practices for fostering youth-driven community change through a 4-phase WISE model that has youth 1) Witness watershed management issues and industry solutions, 2) Investigate current conditions and mitigation efforts, 3) Solve community environmental issues, and 4) Educate their community about their efforts as it relates to neighborhood and community member health.  ​

Middle and High School age students who engage in these programs not only discover new interests and endeavors they might otherwise not have access to, but they have also been shown to display improved academic performance and retention in school, an increase in social capitol, a boost in confidence, and strengthened positive cultural identity.

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