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Environmental Justice

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Climate change has been declared by many as the “greatest existential threat of our time.” While the validity of that claim has, and will likely continue to be heavily debated, there is one trend that is indisputable when it comes to the negative effects of climate change…which is that they disproportionately impact low-income and Communities of Color.

Given this stark reality, it is imperative that the voices and needs from these same communities be elevated, and solutions forged that center the unique knowledge, perspectives, and skills from said community members. Key elements to this process must also include the opportunity for wealth creation and political empowerment for true justice to manifest.

To address these needs, The Blueprint Foundation has sought to model the potential of intentional collaboration, along with financial investment from the Portland Clean Energy Fund, to create programs addressing specific Environmental Justice needs such as monitoring air quality and increasing tree canopy across the region, in ways that directly engage, educate, and empower Black, Brown and Native students, professionals, and community members.  

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