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Adult Learners

The Power of Collaboration

The Blueprint Foundation seeks to leverage the power of partnerships to support our mission of empowering BIPOC communities while helping to establish a diverse green workforce in the Greater Portland Area. To this end, we have collaborated with several industry partners and other non-profit organizations that share our commitment to centering equity while creating career pathways and economic empowerment for historically marginalized communities.

This has led to Blueprint collaborating in a number of workforce development programs designed specifically for BIPOC adults actively seeking work in fields involving conservation, restoration, climate justice, green building, clean energy, sustainability, urban farming, food security, solar & other natural resources, forest management, community organizing, advocacy work, water management, arboriculture and digital marketing.

This is accomplished through a combination of intentional outreach, hands-on learning both in classroom and real-world settings, networking and mentorship with diverse professionals, work readiness training, and wrap around support services. Every effort is made to identify, address and mitigate any barriers that participants might face towards thriving and completing these programs, propelling them to the next step of their personal and professional journeys.

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